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Raja Yoga was fundamental in improving the quality of my life. 

I made this recording in 1986 after meeting and befriending "BK Anthony Strano" a sincere and dedicated Raja Yogi Monk.  The background music was provided to me by the Raja Yogis and is reproduced as it is.  At the time the Yogis were working with very rudimental recording instruments.

Raja Yogi BK Anthony Strano managed to convince my sceptical mind that there are indeed still many sincere people in the world who are motivated by a genuine desire to spread a message of hope and to promote the love for the Creator.  This is my contribution to their relentless work.

In this recording you will hear the name "Baba" repeated several times.  "Baba" stands for "Father or Creator or Giver of Life"  therefore, the contents of this recording are in perfect agreement with all the religions of this world. 

I am not a religious person (I do not belong to any religious denomination).  However, I do have a strong belief in a loving, omniscient, omnipotent and benevolent Creator who has no name.  

You are welcome to copy and share this audio file for any non-commercial use.  You must not sell, alter or copy all or part of this audio file. 

Please place a link to www.destress.com.au on your website.  This will help make the Raja Yoga Meditation available to many other people.  You can download all my free videos and meditations at http://www.thereisaway.org/meditation.htm.  

Please note, I do not wish to enter into correspondence about the contents of this mediation or about any other topic.  I am not a theologian and I have no desire to become one.  Please forgive me for not reading or answering E-mail or correspondence related to your (or my) beliefs.



 The download file is 19Mb and it should take about 1 to 3 minutes to download depending on your Internet service speed.


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Raja Yoga Meditation - English Version


Raja Yoga Meditation from NetGems on Vimeo.


Raja Yoga Meditation - Italian Version


Raja Yoga Guided Meditation in Italian from NetGems on Vimeo.







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