Stress Management Audio Program Gifts
for old age pensioners, job seekers and people experiencing financial hardship

My aim is to make these stress management audio files available to as many people as possible.  For this reason, I have kept the price for my Destress relaxation audio files price absolutely rock bottom.    Indeed, many of these programs include less technology that is found in my Destress stress release audio files!

Financial difficulties are a major source of stress. I

So, if you are currently momentarily financially disadvantaged, please accept my Destress stress release audio files absolutely free of charge with my best wishes.

I know that my stress management program will be a powerful aid to your recovery.  I have included in the audio files a technology that is thousands of year old and that I know can and will help you turn your life around.  All you have to do is listen to the stress release audio files whenever you feel the stress level rising.

Stress is an incapacitating condition.  Stress limits your creativity, your sense of self-worth and it affects your health.  People experiencing high level of stress also tend to isolate themselves from others--including those people who can help overcome the stress--it is a vicious circle.

So sit back enjoy the audio files and follow the voice prompts.  Soon you will feel the beneficial effects of the audio and you will be on the way of a healthier and happier life--this much I wish you.




If you wish to claim your free gift please   

I ask that you do not make copies and do not share the free audio file with anyone else.  Remember, the fact that you are receiving a complimentary copy does not mean you are exempt from our licensing agreement.

One way you can help is to place a link to in your website.  This will help this site become available to many more people.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to read the Disclaimer and Licence conditions before sending the request for a free audio download.


  • Individuals who are delusional, severely emotionally disturbed or suffering from any form of mental conditions or illness must not use these recordings unless the use has been specifically approved by a medically qualified mental health professional.  

  • Should any discomfort arise as a result of using any of our stress management audio files, it is recommended that you stop using the recording and request a full refund. You should also seek the aid of a licensed therapist.

  • Do not use any of the Destress stress release or relaxation products or recordings while driving any type of vehicle or while operating machinery, appliances or any other equipment, or while being engaged in any other activity that requires your attention.


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