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Sound has a powerful and proven effect on the human psyche.  Sound can aggravate as well as soothe human (and animal behaviour).  There is a wealth of information available on the Internet about sound therapy and the various applications of sound in a therapeutic environment. 

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to the new Destress stress management download MP3 audio file.

The program includes four primary technologies--all these work together to help release stress

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1. Physical:  Guided breathing and physical relaxation that helps manage stress
stress management audio track 2 2. Mental: Reassuring, comforting and empowering suggestions that help promote long term recovery.
stress management track 4 3.  Energetic: Two Powerful Qi Gong hand positioning techniques found in the Advanced Qi Gong Course produced by Master Chunyi Lin, also the author Author of the wonderful book "Born A Healer"These are easy stress management techniques that anyone can learn in less than one minute.  These techniques together with the breathing techniques can help increase the effect of any non-medical or alternative support management program.
stress management track 4 4. Spiritual: A proven technology used in rehabilitation programs I studied in hospitals and private clinics while working as an assessor and counsellor.   This technology does not challenge your existing beliefs and it will work for you wether you are an ardent believer in your chosen faith, an agnostic or atheist.

stress management

The New Destress Stress Management Audio Program

Nothing To Read  -  Takes 6 minutes to practise - Takes 15 minutes to learn!

The stress management session takes under 6 minutes to complete!  Better still there is nothing to read.  Audio File 1 contains all the instructions, you just sit back relax and respond to the prompts.

Learn it in 15 minutes! -- And once you have learned it, it is yours for life.  You will even be able to practice it without listening to the sound file.  But I know you will find the refreshing sound of the ocean waves so inviting and relaxing, and the suggestions so calming and soothing--you will want to listen to it for many years to come.

The Destress stress management audio program comprises of four downloadable MP3 files.  You can use any of these individually or all of them in any order you like.  After a little while, you are likely to select one only. 




Click on the little speaker to hear a sample

1. This includes  step by step instructions.  You simply sit back, relax and follow the prompts.  I do all the work!  This track is ideal when learning the Destress stress management program.
2. This file includes bare minimal instructions.  This is for users who have learned my stress management program (remember it should take about 15 minutes to do so).  The audio includes all the suggestions, but the prompts are greatly reduced.
3.  Track 3 contains different breathing techniques and a modified routine.  Clients experiencing intense stress prefer this track.  Beginners like to combine track 3 with track 1 (in that order) for a combined session of just under 12 minutes! This audio contains all the prompts and detailed instructions
4. The same as above but with fewer instructions.

If you are experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks I strongly encourage you to seek professional help.  It is cruel and senseless to suffer in silence.

With proper care,  a stress management program, a positive support system and Destress you could be on the road to recovery in no time.

Isolating yourself from those who can help you and denying there is a problem will keep you in misery for the rest of your life--and that would be a sad thing indeed. 

The first step is to find someone that can help, most hospitals have stress management, grief and trauma counselling units and qualified professionals who can help.  As a general rule, these are people who devote themselves to helping others and they are caring, non judgemental and helpful.   Tale the first step--make that phone call and get a support management program going--and when you get better, help others to do the same.

If you are unable to afford to purchase this stress management audio program--you can download it free of chargeI believe in the power of this product, and I  realise that those people who are in real and urgent need of a stress management audio program are often unable to afford it.  This is because stress is a disabling disease and is the primary cause, of poor health, financial difficulties, loneliness and failure.  I know that once you have managed to reduce stress using my stress management audio program, the quality of your life will improve.





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